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The Vibrational Universe movie
The Unity of Spirit and Matter movie
The Law of Attraction movie
The Evolution of Consciousness movie

Our Movies

  • The Vibrational Universe
    Have you ever been with people who all agreed on something, and you didn't? Didn't it seem like there was an actual, physical force compelling you to change your mind?
    This phenomenon is usually explained by karma, but it can be more elegantly described by vibrational entrainment.
    The universe itself proceeds from the fundamental vibration, the OM, which contains all possible sub-harmonics. Physics describes the building blocks of matter and energy, the atom, as having both particle and wave characteristics. The atom is essentially vibrational in nature, as the electrons vibrate or oscillate around the nucleus. Emotions and thoughts are also vibrational, meaning that every human being intimately interfaces with the world at large, and with each other. The vibrational universe concept explains perception, attraction, coincidence, karma, and manifestation, the fundamental forces that shape our lives. If you want to understand WHY the Law of Attraction works (or doesn't!) then you need to see this movie.
    Soon to be released!
  • The Unity of Spirit and Matter
    Who are you?
    How did you get here?
    How was the universe created?
    The Big Lie on planet earth is the idea that you only go around once. This concept, once it was accepted by the majority of humanity, created a "tipping point" to a lower level of consciousness. We see the results of that consciousness everywhere: poverty, scarcity, greed, conflict, and conflict resolution through war. When you understand the vibrational universe concept, you can see clearly that vibrational entrainment, not "evil forces," fhave created these conditions. All life everywhere is non-physical in nature. All life is spirutal, havinga temporary physical experience. Once that is truly understood, there will be a world-wide Renaissance and the face of our planet will quickly change for the better. The Unity of Spirit and Matter explains how and why this can occur.
  • The Law of Attraction Explained
    Is the Law of Attraction a Big Secret?
    Does it really work?
    This enlightening little movie explains what the Law of Attraction is in common- sense, practical terms, and how to apply it in your everyday life.


  • The Evolution of Consciousness movie
    Why are current events moving so rapidly? Why are our economic and financial sectors in such chaos?
    The impetus behind current events is an evolution in human consciousness. This evolution is taking place almost invisibly, but it is the engine that is driving thought and action on the planet in the 21st century. We are all involved in an evolution-revolution, but this revolution is occurring from the bottom up, not the top down!
    Discover how and why human consciousness is evolving, and where we are headed.